I am a practicing philosopher that is not an academic but a life facilitator—akin to a psychotherapist, life coach, minister, counselor, teacher. My taste for interdisciplinary scholarship as a philosopherof embodiment and a cultural theorist only serves to nourish this capacity. I have over twenty years of experience in a 2,500 year old tradition.

My dissertation is entitled “A taste for life: Exploring the senses and their influences upon our sensibilities.” California Institute of Integral Studies 2012. Special thanks to the Esalen center for theory and research for a research scholarship 2010-2011.

While the tools and exercises we practice together are apropos to your needs, and often change as we deepen our engagement, what I facilitate with people can be described as critical, in terms of learning to color outside the box, therapeutic in the sense of nurturing the human organism’s inherent wisdom and aliveness, and transformative, alowing us to become different.

What a philosopher-life facilitator is not? Quite simply, an engineer, accountant, attorney, or MD.

I am also a private chef, specializing in wine and food juxtapositions, with nearly twenty years of professional experience. I  can provide formal dinners, casual parties, tasting events, private cooking classes, or cultural events including readings from the literature of gastronomy and sharing some of my personal vignettes as a philosopher-chef.

thomas marconi phd    tomas@juicyphilosophy.org


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