Following the guidance of your personal mythology

As a practice, archetypal astrology is more like psychotherapy than fortune telling. What I mean to suggest is that I am supporting you in finding out who you are uniquely and how to blossom in life. A major difference between psychotherapy and archetypal astrology is how we acknowledge that there are characteristics of human experience that are fundamental to human existence than transcend the values and prominent activities of our contemporary culture.

The archetypes are not something hidden. We feel and embody them in our everyday lives. The way I practice astrology with you, as I always have with my clients and students, I believe is the true way of astrology. I do not provide you with a secret formula. I show you how and when the various archetypal flavors color your life. Your task, the great work, is to learn to recognize how the archetypes manifest as you in your unique ways, and play with the archetypes in the situations of your life like a jazz musician improvising a classic song. We learn how to participate in the archetypal expressions as an art of living your personal mythology.

We teach children to recite the days of the weeks as if religiously, like a mantra. We are trained to live this pattern of seven days, usually five to work, two as weekend. Yet we forget that the names of the days suggest so much more than the countdown of the weekdays and the weekend, or as a convenience to organize and plan when we get together with others. It is easier to recall this open secret if one learns to speak a romance language, as there we hear the names of the planets— Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn.

Aligning with the archetypal cycles

While the sequence of the days of the week is meaningful, and I will address this in my blog soon, this is not relevant to archetypal astrology. There are two types of cycles we consider:

  • The milestones and gateways in our lives that unfold chronologically for all of us at more or less the same ages. The influence of having ten fingers and accounting for our lives by decades is reflected in the archetypal cycles, yet decades are not precise enough most of the time, and not only the milestones of childhood and adolescence.
  • the unique cycles that we each experience as combinations of the archetypes. the timing and qualities of these later cyclical manifestations are shown predominantly by ‘transits’ of planets that form a influential relation with  your personal planetary archetypes. Beyond the days of the week, the seven planets visible in the night sky, We use Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and a few others that are mostly considered for their capacity to qualitatively spice up the flavors of the ten major archetypes.


Are you ready?

The initial way to learn to follow the guidance of your personal mythology bylining with the archetypal cycles is to have a private reading with me. The consultation lasts from between one and a half to two hours. The price is $150.00. We can do this in person, by Skype, or phone. I invite you to contact me if you have any questions.

After our initial consultation, follow up sessions are highly discounted, dependent upon various factors. A simple email question may be gratis.

Relationship consultations usually require an initial consultation for both persons. To participate in the workshop “archetypal astrology and personal rituals” or to begin your training as an archetypal astrologer requires an initial consultation.

I invite you to visit this website and check out the other practices I facilitate—body wise, wild healing, flavor play. Archetypal astrology fits together with all of these, as a personal relationship with Life itself. The other practices operate at different levels and modalities of human life—as being a body, as an organism nurtured by the natural world, in realizing how our different senses can influence our sensibilities and make us wiser. You will find he practices in the menu, some essays in my blog about the various practices, as well as essays and excerpts from other voices that express the overall sensibilities that ground Juicy Philosophy.