Practices and Projects

Personal Facilitation Sessions

As a practice spanning from psychotherapy to what we call adult education, we begin the process of facilitation with sessions for individuals, couples, family members, even business partners. Yet our work does not end in these sessions. We put together a practice program drawn from the interdisciplinary theoretical foundations of Juicy Philosophy.

This is helpful for major life decisions, relationship issues, career choices, when you feel stuck or at loss for direction, when you lack a sense of sustenance. Most basically, we instill a capacity to have a more juicy and fulfilling life.


Our workshop schedule will begin in 2013. Please sign up to stay informed. We are in the process of becoming qualified to offer CEU credits for continuing education for MFTs, PSYDOCs, LCSWs, RNs, Licensed Dieticians, CMTs and others who wish to expand their capacity to help others by including a wider interdisciplinary foundation for their work, including our very unique work: FLAVOR PLAY

Become a companion of FLAVOR PLAY

We seek companions, literally those we share bread with, to participate in an ongoing practice of FLAVOR PLAY. You can participate with us and your own companions where you are. We offer participants the basic guidance to begin this practice. As part of the community of companions of FLAVOR PLAY, we will facilitate a forum to share our experiences of the practice as it ripens for us over time. We invite you to contact us and begin to play with your food. This will also feed a research project that will eventually serve as the basis for clinical studies.

Research Collaborations

We seek collaborations with both individuals and institutions to undertake both idiomatic qualitative research as well as clinical projects. Towards this end, we are beginning to set up a 501(C)3 organization to gather financial support. We are actively seeking sponsors who would like to participate in the seed efforts towards this goal.

Some of the potential projects include:

How the practice of FLAVOR PLAY is applicable in eating disorders, dieting, even attention deficit or trauma mitigation.

As a wider project, a clinical study considering  how the imbalanced sensory profile of our  culture is revealed in various symptoms, as well as the therapeutic value of counter-practices engaging less-emphasized sensory domains to bring greater wellbeing to the human organism that lives a vast amount of its life amid electronic communications media.

Nurturing psychotherapy: The role of diet and other daily practices of embodiment that support neuroplasticity and thus change.

A cultural analysis of alternative bit non-utopian modes of political life: From permaculture to the occupy movement. The impetus of this project comes from the philosopher Giorgio Agamben’s theory of profanation.

Further research on the foodie phenomenon beyond the chapter in my dissertation.

An exploration of what the word spirituality means, with an interest in exploring the  influences and role of both language and embodiment in spiritual experience.

A consideration of how a secular theology might be beneficial for human wellbeing, as research suggests that religious belief is a positive factor towards happiness. The practical aspect of this inquiry would consider, among other practices, the theory of “ritual without myth” as described by Mario Perniola, and again,  the practice of profanation (Agamben).

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